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Wastewater Treatment DesignShare experiences and discuss alternative technologies for Wastewater Treatment Plant designs.

Veolia leads consortium responsible for northern France wastewater plant


Egypt: the Abu Rawash wastewater treatment plant, a model of sustainable development

New research reveals wastewater treatment plants can catch a cold

New technology Enhances Miami Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiency

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Editor shares his thoughts on the future of wastewater treatment

Prepare your WWTP for unpredictable decades starting in the conceptual design phase

Design and Engineering issues for a coke oven activated sludge process

Upgradation of activated sludge - Levapor

There’s One Surefire Way to End Big Sewage Spills: End Big Sewage


American Water's (AWK) Unit Invests $6M in UV Technology

Massive New Facility Captures Tiniest Pollutant Particles

China's sustainable Concept wastewater treatment plant progress - The Source

San Elijo Water Campus named ‘Plant of the Year’ in California

Choa Chu Kang Waterworks to get major upgrade

Forward thinking with FO-RO funding

Lake Huron water treatment in Goderich

$10M Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Upgrade

NO-DES truck and trailer to its fleet using patented technology

Aquarius Award through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)


Nature-inspired material removes copper from wastewater with atomic precision

Final design services terms for new wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater treatment and the Cementaid Everdure CALTITE System

Choa Chu Kang Waterworks named Water Project of the Year at Global Water Awards

Solar-powered sewage treatment plant opened in Manila bay

Waste Water Treatment Plant Virtual Tour

Stellenbosch opens eco-friendly water treatment facility

After re-bidding, Brunswick given two proposals for reverse osmosis and expansion project

Industrial RO plant introduction

Carlow Sludge Drying Reed Bed Pilot Programme | Wastewater Treatment | Irish Water

Better Business. Mobile Technology Provides Solutions and Insights to Water Utilities

PPP Builds New Wastewater Plant – with Penetron Technology

From chlorine to chloramine

Scottsdale Firm Saves Millions of Gallons of Water, Setting New Treatment Standard in LA

West Springfield Replaces Gas Chlorination System

First NEREDA plant in Scotland

MilanoDepur showcases Solvay OXYSTRONG in Municipal wastewater treatment

How to deal with growth?

H3O - the Utility of the Future

Melbourne Water’s co-digestion project has been expanded

Save over 50 per cent on Water Treatment Plant upgrades

Las Vegas water treatment facility awarded

Providing Dynamic WWTP Modelling and Simulation to Improve Operational Efficiency (Case Study)

Metro Vancouver looks at turning sewage sludge into fuel and fertilizer

Failure in Wastewater Treatment Plant Causes a Controlled Wastewater Discharge Plan (Video)

Engineering of a Containerised Wastewater Treatment Plant for a Worker Camp (Video)

New Challenges Facing Europe’s Wastewater Treatment Plants Could Improve Sustainability

Nitrfication/Denitrification Wastewater Treatment System (Video Tour)

Ecological Sequence Batch Reactor Wastewater Treatment Plant Installation Process (Video)


Innovative Nature-based Wastewater Treatment for Rural and Urban Environments (Video)

PUB Opens World’s Largest Ceramic Membrane Water Treatment Plant (Video)

Green Technology to Transform Sewage Treatment in Australia

Pure Water Monterey: Advanced Water Recycling Project to Treat Sewage Water in the Region

Desalination Plant in Singapore (Video Tour)

Making wrong decisions right - A Wastewater Treatment Example (Video)

Case "Evansdale": 7 Options to Update a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Behind the Scenes in the City of Richmond (WWTP Video Tour)

WWTP Facility ensures Lake Lanier water is safe

Revamped Wastewater Treatment Plant Provides Potable Water to Riyadh

Kraków Airport to Have Innovative Wastewater Treatment System

San Antonio River Authority Wastewater Treatment (Video Tour)

Painesville City Waste Water Plant (Video Tour)

Aerospace Wastewater Treatment System (Video Overview)

Bemboka Water Treatment Plant Upgrades (Video)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion (Video Update)

Zero-to-low Energy Wastewater Treatment System Requires no Sludge Handling (Video)

Norlex Systems Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Presentation (Video)

Watercare Opens New Solar Array at Pukekohe Wastewater Treatment Plant (Video)

Madinat Salman Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation Plant (Video Tour)

Tripling Service Life in a Wastewater Treatment Plant: FSIP Pump Design

SUEZ technology to generate RNG at Kansas wastewater treatment plant

St. Helena hires engineers to oversee upgrades to treatment plant

How wastewater is treated in DIP, Dubai?

Park City Wins Award For Water Pressure Monitors

‘Grandfather’ of natural treatment systems to be honored with environmental award

Innovation in Water Recycling in Pittsboro -

10-Years & Counting: Healdsburg WWTP Mempulse System with Original B40N Membranes | WWD

How Prefabricated Elements Were Used to Design WWT Facility on Annacis Island (Video)

Take a Look Behind the Scenes at One of Scottish Water’s Major Facilities (Video)

How Do Wastewater Treatment Plants Work?

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour - "Flush To Finish" (Video)

Tracking Sludge Flow for Better Wastewater Treatment

The History of the New Water Treatment Plant at BIT Mesra (Video)

Reconstruction of the WWTP for Volkswagen Bratislava: How the potential of bacteria can be used?

How to Reduce the Cost of Wastewater Treatment by 50% or More

Upgrades Planned For Howell's Wastewater Treatment Plant

Video Report on a Municipal Water Treatment

Vero Beach City Council to Consider Proposals for Future of Former Power Plant Site

Toshiba's Indian Arm Breaks Ground on Major Manila Sewage Treatment Facility

Australian Cities Adopt Wastewater Reuse

Towards a Smart WWTP: An Example Of Efficiency and Autonomy In Wastewater Treatment

Troutdale, Oregon to update aging wastewater treatment plant

Clear path toward new treatment plant for John Day City, Oregon

GMWSS approves design, construction services contract on South Sewer Project

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades with SUBRE by Fluence (Video)

Wastewater Plant is Ready for Growth

Stockholm's Wastewater Treatment Plant to Get an Upgrade Due to Population Growth

Hamburg Gets Unique Treatment Plant for Phosphorus Recycling

EcoStruxure Plant: Smart Tech Improves Energy Efficiency in a Water Treatment Plant (Video)

New Contract for Wastewater Treatment Plants in Madrid will Cut Total Energy Consumption by 10%

8 Advantages of MBBR Wastewater Water Treatment

Orange County Gets ASCE Project of the Year Award

Oregon Plans Ultraviolet Treatment in Wastewater Treatment Plant

How to Properly Maintain Brewery Wastewater with Slot Drains

Advantages of MBBR Wastewater Solution

New Water Treatment Facility to Reduce Lead Levels in Pittsburgh’s Water System

EFCO Corp Water Treatment Plant Expansion (Video)

Morocco to Get a Solar Sludge Drying Facility for a New Wastewater Treatment Plant

From Waste to Resource

Wastewater Treatment Plant at LondonEnergy Gets a Major Upgrade

Water Treatment Plant in Switzerland Designed to Resemble a Natural Rock (Video)

First ​Large Scale ​BNR Compliant ​Wastewater ​Treatment Plant ​in Japan ​

New Treatment Plant in Hartlepool to Process the Equivalent of 400,000 Baths of Water a Day

Yorkshire Water Invests £8 Million in Treatment Plants

How is the ​Division of ​Sewerage and ​Drainage ​Operating Two ​Wastewater Treatment ​Plants

Free WWTP Design Generator Tool

Brown and Caldwell to Design Major Wastewater Treatment Upgrades in Palo Alto

DuPont Water Solutions Opens New RO Membrane Manufacturing Line at Sadara Facility

SES Engineering Services Wins £8 Million Energy-From-Waste Contract with Viridor

Major Engineering Poject Set to Transform Sewage Treatment in Jersey

Thermal Hydrolysis Plant in Bradford Generates Record Amount of Electricity

Thermal ​Hydrolysis ​Process ​Commissioned as Key Component ​in ​Nutrient ​Recovery/Reuse ​Project

Multotec Builds High Recovery Water Treatment Plant In Oman

A Feasible Data-Driven Mining System to Optimize Wastewater Treatment Process Design and Operation

WesTech Microvi MNE Process Overview

Acciona Breaks Ground on Construction of New Wastewater Treatment Plant for Metro Vancouver

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Wins National Project of the Year Award

5 Common Problems with Sewage Treatment Plants

Flood-Proof Submersible Actuator Helps Wastewater Treatment Plants Operate in High Water Events

Effects of Operational and Environmental Variables on Efficiency of Water and Wastewater Utilities

Expansion of ​One of the ​Largest Sewage ​Treatment Plant ​in the World ​Completed

Empirical Sewer Water Quality Model for Generating Influent Data for WWTP Modelling

Nature Holds Key to Nurturing Green Water Treatment Facilities

Calculation of Wastewater Flow Rate (VIDEO)

Removal of TDS from ROC from a Municipal Wastewater Reclamation Plant by Aerobic Granular Sludge

Multi-discipline Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design and Analysis

Design of Biofilter Odor Removal System for Conventional Wastewater Treatment Plant

World's First Brine Treatment Plant Based on Modern Water's AMBC Process

Smart Application Aquavisor for Sewage Treatment Plants

Making Sewage Treatment Less Power-intensive

Submersible ​Geared Motors ​Solution for ​State-of-the-​art Wastewater ​Treatment Plant

Is Portland’​s Upgraded ​Sewage Plant ​​Passing the ​Smell Test?

PWCSA Wastewater Plant Receives Regulatory Compliance Award

XTB Nanobubble Generator Consistently Generate Bubbles With No Coarse Air Bubbles

Decentralized Waste Water Treatment System

Hydromantis ​Releases Open ​Platform for ​Preliminary ​Design and ​Financial ​Planning of ​WWTPs

Technology ​Spurs EP ​Water’s ​Odor Control ​Projects ​

Innovative Wastewater Treatment Demo Plant

EIB Finances Euro € 76M for SIAH's "New Generation" WTP in France

New Automatic Feed-forward Dosing Control System for Wastewater Treatment

A More Efficient Way to Manage Wastewater Projects

COF Filters out Small Organic Molecules from Water

Portable Sewage Treatment Plant

€80m Upgrade Commences at Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant

Design Standard For Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

MBBR Used in ​Agra (India) Water ​Supply ​Treatment

Double Duty: Fargo's Sewage Plant Needs Twice the Capacity to...

WPL to Build Wastewater Treatment Plant for New ‘Garden City’

Lakewood Officials Planning $25 Million Wastewater Treatment Facility

"The optimal sludge reduction process"

Waste water purification Biotechnology

VR to Engage ​Stakeholders in ​Plant Designs

OR-TEC Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen

How Membrane Aerated Bioreactors (MABR) Could Change Wastewater Design

State Orders Niagara Falls Water Board to Upgrade Treatment Plant

Wipes in the Pipes

New Kansas Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade ‘Just Getting Underway’

Design Proposals Shortlisted for British Columbia Macaulay Point Pump Station