Yongseok Choi, Senior Manager at GS E&C

Yongseok Choi, Senior Manager at GS E&C1. Experience
I have worked in the field of Water Supply and Sewerage system (including sewer network and sewage/wastewater treatment plant) since 1998. I was involved with concept to detail design, design modification and plants operation in more than 100 projects up to now regardless of its size. 

I am proficient at process design of STP/WWTP including MBR/Reuse and implementing Master Plan and Feasibility Study in respect of process design (including CAPEX/OPEX calculation) and financial analysis (including tariff design, CF, DS, IRR, NPV, CFADS, ADSCR, LLCR, RLCR, ROE, B/C, risk analysises, etc) especially in unsolicited PPP and ODA projects.

And also, I have specialized in soil and groundwater remediation and participated in KOC soil remediation project (LOT B) in Kuwait and Janghang soil remediation project in Korea.

2. Main overseas projects (among 119 projects as of May, 2015)
- Feasibility Study on the Sewerage System in Ta Khmau (Camboida)
- Unsolicited BOT Proposal for Sewerage System Project in the basin of Ypacari Lake (Paraguay)
- Unsolicited BOT Proposal for Central WWTP expansion project in UB (Mongolia)
- Water supply and sewerage system master plan in UB (Mongolia)
- Feasibility study on the Phnom Penh STP project (Cambodia)
- KOC soil remediation project LOT B (Kuwait)
- J-Project (water supply and sewerage, Cambodia)
- Mahaborey New Town Complex (waster supply and sewerage, Cambodia)
- Nahbe city (water supply and sewerage, Vietnam)
- Gu Chi Golf Resort (soil remediation, Vietnam)
- IFC Phnom Penh (water supply and sewerage, Cambodia)
- ERC Project (EIA, Egypt)

3. Lecture or Presentation
- MBR Seminar for graduate course (Korea University, 2013)
- Asia Water Management Forum (Korean MoFA, 2012)
- Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (UNIDO, 2012)
- Korea-Qatar Environmental Cooperation Forum(Korean MoFA, 2013)
- Korea-Kuwait Environmental Cooperation Forum(Korean MoFA, 2013)
- Seminar for WWTP Design (Mongolia USUG, 2011)