Somnath Narayan


My name is Somnath Narayan, I am holding higher engineering degrees like PhD (Engineering) and Master of  Engineering in the field of environmental engineering. I am engaged with West Bengal Pollution Control Board from past 30 years and currently holding a position of Senior Environment Engineer. 

I am heading planning & implementation of environmental control policy & procedures in respect of air and water pollution across 1000 industries within West Bengal. Also managing  municipal solid waste and industrial hazardous waste, including sewage treatment.

I am competent to provide inputs to engineering teams to ensure design and construction compliance with environmental legislative and regulatory requirements.

I am applauded for implantation of air & water pollution control devices and industrial solid waste disposal devices across 100 industries in West Bengal through regular inspection & monitoring.

I have the ability of institutional and capacity building in municipal solid waste & hazardous waste management, water & waste water engineering.

I am highly deadline oriented and can function efficiently within a tight time framework as demanded by upper management.

I have excellent problem solving skills (analyse a case study or situation and recommend solutions).

I have been managing huge teams with my team collaboration skills as I provide opportunity to my subordinate to function independently and take up bigger responsibilities.

My personal ethics are integrity & honesty. I am a committed employee who gives his 100% without compromising on quality.

I have the ability to work seamlessly with every level of employees including highest level bureaucrats. 

If you would like to know more about my experience, or can think of potential business collaboration in these areas, please contact me at 91-98305 99950 or you can mail me at

Specialties: • Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Recycling/ Reuse • Zero Liquid Discharge Syatem • Sewage Treatment for Recovery, Recycle & Reuse • Environmental Clearance & Compliance • Cleaner Production/ Waste Minimization in Industries• Environmental Impact Assessment • Hazardous Waste Management & Remediation of Contaminated Site • MSW & Clinical Waste Management • Air & Water Quality Monitoring  • Stack Monitoring • Environmental Legal Service • ISO 18001 • ISO 14001 • Training & Skills Development


Industry experience

Education: PhD

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 20 years or above