Similade ADEODUN, PhD, Water and Environment Consultant

Similade ADEODUN, PhD, Water and Environment Consultant


Dr. Similade Adeodun is a post-doctoral researcher and a consultant in the fields of Water Resources and Environmental Management. Similade has a bachelor's degree in Water Resources Management (Hydrology option); M.Sc. in Environmental Control and Management and PhD in Environmental Management. He has volunteered and in some cases led several local, national and international organizations.

With the thirst to add requisite values and advocate sustainable development, Dr. Adeodun had been mentored, consulted, and contracted in the fields of water resources, waste, renewable energy and environmental management. These have greatly equipped him for the past ten years to explore, consult and prevent/solve critical problems of water and environment. Few of his engagements are hydrology consultant for SIAP+MICROS on a World Bank financed hydrometric project (TRIMING) in Italy and Nigeria; youth empowerment facilitator for African Union Commission (HRST Department), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; review of National Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines by Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria; water and environment consultant at Aqua Planet Nigeria Limited.

Similade is an effective communicator, an enthusiastic professional, and an exceptional leader with a proven ability to work and deliver effectively in a busy and dynamic environment. He is passionately practicing his profession.


Industry experience

Education: PhD

Seniority: Manager, Director, Professor

Years of experience: 10 to 20 years