Nuno Amaral Silva, Employee at ADVENTECH

Nuno Amaral Silva, Employee at ADVENTECH


▪  Development treatment of solutions for refractory effluents;

▪  Design of treatment systems;

▪  Assembly and installation of units and equipment;

▪  Process Start-Up of the designed facilities;

▪  Management and control of WWTP's;

▪  Maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment affects the WWTP's;

▪  Needs assessment and problem solving;

▪  Rehabilitation and improvement of treatment facilities;

▪  Contacts with customers;

▪  Commercial contacts;

▪  Management and coordination of multidisciplinary teams;

▪  Budgeting and shopping;

▪  Development and installation of laboratory equipment;

▪  Water/wastewater analysis techniques;

▪  Development water purifiers systems;

Installation of industrial equipment for drinking water.


Industry experience

Education: PhD

Seniority: Trainee, Intern

Years of experience: 5 to 10 years