Mathias Blanche, Wastewater & Sludge Treatment Process Design Expert

Mathias Blanche, Wastewater & Sludge Treatment Process Design Expert


Mathias Blanche has grown up in the field of plant engineering and DWTP/WWTP equipment manufacturing industry due to parental and family background and the business environment of former PASSAVANT WERKE AG – MICHAELBACHER HÜTTE in Germany. The professional background is resulting in more than 25 years of professional experience in water, hydraulic & process engineering. More than 20 years in consultancy design, administration, tendering and supervision of water & wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment facilities on the national and international level in Europe, South-East-Europe, the Middle East as well as in China, including infrastructure development of residential areas and spatial planning in Germany.

Extensive design, supervision and working experience in the water/wastewater engineering sector with strong organisational capabilities and leadership. Used to work interdisciplinary and team informed in international teams.


Industry experience

Education: Masters

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 20 years or above