Hawas Bajawi, CEO of Water, Oil & Gas Sector at AlSharif Group Holding

Hawas Bajawi, CEO of Water, Oil & Gas Sector at AlSharif Group Holding

I am a result-driven senior level business professional with over 18 years successful experience providing fiscal, strategic, and operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations. I have a commendable history as a visionary and thought leader for advancing the strategic direction of the business through innovation and organizational leadership critical to continuous growth and business availability in an evolving global market; able to create an aura of excitement about services with customers and partners. My bottom-line driven skills encircle in listening and understanding the company’s needs and formulating the tactical action plan to achieve results.

During my professional stint, I gained experience in leading and managing multidisciplinary teams with decentralized operations in KSA for government and private sector companies. I am experienced with highly engineered systems, which require deep understanding of business drivers in multiple markets and industries.

My judicious proficiencies acknowledge a well-defined skill in fueling next-level company growth, breaking into new markets globally, and delivering multiple business turnarounds across markets. I am successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments.

People Engagement Professional, with an ability to foster a collaborative professional network with cross-functional teams while ensuring an employee-centric approach and addressing priorities as well as delegating and prioritizing complex tasks effectively to track and ensure compliance with deadlines


  1. Feel free to drop a line at:hybajawi@gmail.com