Fikret Huseynov, Environmental consultant / IEMA Affiliate Member

Fikret Huseynov, Environmental consultant / IEMA Affiliate Member


I provide expert advisory, assessment services and techniques to manage, monitor and evaluate sustainability (SDG), impact assessment (EIA, SEA, ESIA, HIA) and environmental performance (ISO) in oil and gas, utilities (power supply, water and wastewater treatment, supply, catchment management), mining, infrastructure development (sustainable urban mobility solutions, energy-efficient buildings), renewable energy including onshore and offshore wind, solar as well as bioenergy, especially in fast growing geomarkets such as Europe, Asia, incl. Russia and CIS.

My technical specialty focuses on contaminated land and groundwater remediation (petrochemicals and heavy metals) as well as designing and managing other onshore and offshore environmental remediation and ecorestoration projects.

- Environmental Management Systems
- Contaminated land and groundwater remediation
- Environmental due diligence
- Sustainability appraisal
- Statistic analysis and interpretation
- ASTM environmental site assessment/Ph I and II
- GIS/geodata processing
- IRCA Certified Internal Auditor 


Industry experience

Education: Masters

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 5 to 10 years