Bas Hulstein, Project Management and consultancy

Bas Hulstein, Project Management and consultancy


Mr. Hulstein ​is a independent ​senior project ​manager and ​consultant. Bas ​has more than ​two decades ​comprehensive ​international ​experience in ​water projects ​under his belt.​

As a project ​manager and ​consultant with ​a civil ​engineering ​background he ​is/was involved ​in various ​water projects ​in frica, (​eastern) Europe,​ Middle East (​Gulf area), ​South America, ​the Caribbean ​and Asia.​

Currently Bas ​is responsible ​for international ​project ​management, ​acquisition and ​project ​development.​

The focus is ​on (waste) ​water treatment,​ water re-use, (​sea water) ​intake pumping ​stations and ​hydro power ​projects.​


Bas is also ​supporting EPC ​contractors ​with developing ​and improve ​their bid ​documents, bid-​design, risk-​logs, technical ​and financial ​proposals ​regarding DB(​FOM) or EPC ​contracts ​mostly ​concerning ​wastewater ​treatment ​installations, ​drinking water ​treatment ​installations, ​pumping ​stations and ​hydro-power ​stations, with ​the ultimate ​goal to win the ​contract.​


Key words:

Risk ​assessment, ​risk mitigation,​ contract ​preparation / ​reviewing, ​contracting, ​optimized team ​setting (​externally as ​to partners, ​internally as ​from networks ​and liaising ​with other ​RHDHV groups) ​and budgeting: ​Assess RfP / ​ToR and prepare ​go/no go, ​Assess leads on ​attractiveness/​changes, ​Prepare go/no ​go PQ phase (if ​applicable), ​Prepare PQ (if ​applicable), ​Select and ​contract ​partners a/o ​sub-consultants,​ Deliver the ​bid (full scope ​technical, ​financial, ​legal and tax), ​prepare the ​contract, ​Negotiate ​contract with ​client and ​optimizing ​staff / ​planning / ​budget and ​deliverables


Industry experience

Education: Bachelor

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 20 years or above