Arjunanelayaraja Arjunan, Secretary at Aalamaram

Arjunanelayaraja Arjunan, Secretary at Aalamaram




“WORLD EARTH DAY” is universally celebrated on April 22nd every year. As a gesture of our love and gratitude towards our Mother Earth, AALAMARAM NGO and NARBHAVI SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION jointly observed WORLD EARTH DAY on 22nd April at Thiyagavalli, a coastal village in the Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu.

As environmental protection initiative, the AALAMARAM NGO, with its team of volunteers, has planted more than 5000 mangrove saplings from 2009 which have now grown into 5 ft tall mangrove plants.22nd April is celebrated as the World Earth Day across the world.


This initiative began in 2009 and till today nearly a stretch of 15km of mangroves has been reforested. Though the recent floods of 2015 have devastated major parts of the plantations, the remaining stand magnanimously emitting oxygen throughout the day.

To mark the celebration of “World Earth Day”, teachers from NARBHAVI VIDYALAYA primary school, Gandhi Nagar near Neyveli Township visited the mangrove forests in Thiyagavalli. The benefits of mangroves to mankind were explained to them by

Mr Arjunan Elayaraja, Secretary, Aalamaram NGO. They were given saplings to plant along the banks of the back waters. The team of 36 teachers happily planted the saplings and promised to spread the benefits of reforestation and afforestation to the students community. The arrangements were done by the volunteers of the Aalamaram team


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