Alexandros Stefanakis, Constructed Wetlands Specialist

Alexandros Stefanakis, Constructed Wetlands SpecialistI am an Environmental Engineer with MSc and PhD in water/wastewater engineering. My expertise is the design of Natural Treatment Systems, mainly Constructed Wetlands providing multiple economic and environmental benefits. My activities include:
- Consultancy on the design of Constructed Wetlands in various countries around the world for domestic/municipal and various industrial wastewater sources, such as produced water, dairy farms, olive mills, phenols-containing water, food industry etc. 
- Research on wetlands to investigate the pollutant removal processes/transformations, further optimize the design and improve the overall efficiency. 
- Reuse of the final treatment product, either treated water or sludge, e.g., for agricultural irrigation of commercially valuable crops such as biofuels, cotton etc. 
- Work as academic lecturer and tutor, as I believe we should educate and pass our experience and knowledge to the young generation.
- Investigate the role of natural treatment systems in the frame of sustainable development, ecosystem services and circular economy, the social acceptance and sustainability of such systems and the added value they bring in water management. 

I am always looking for new collaborations, partnerships and knowledge exchange. Key points of my interests/expertise are:
- Constructed Wetland systems design for various wastewater sources
- Biological and Natural systems for water pollution control and purification
- Investigation of treatment processes and removal mechanisms
- Sludge treatment and dewatering
- Reuse and recycling of wastewater/sludge
- Sustainability in water/wastewater management 
- Circular economy as the key for resilience in the industry
- Environmental Economics - Green business