Ago Nadarevic, Director at EUROAQUAING

Ago Nadarevic, Director at EUROAQUAING


22 years of professional experience


Services and inspections -  Water / Wastewater treatments.

Revision of the main projects - Environmental remediation of lakes.

Consultancy work for choice of technology and equipment for purification of industrial waste water and solving  problems in drinking water sector.

Cooperation and participation in a joint project with a team of engineers ( civil, mechanical, process, piping, electrical, instrumentation, environmental, safety, etc. ) in Bosnia and abroad ( Libya, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India and Vietnam ).

Commissioning, proving the capacities and hand-over - implementation of water treatment plants.

Water treatment for process and wastewater treatment to quality for re-use in the process ( zero discharge).

Using different methods, technologies and equipments for mechanical, chemical and biological treatment, depending on the quality of water ( physical - chemical and biological characteristics ).

Commissioning plants with pre-treatment water such as RO (reverse osmosis) and UF ( ultrafiltration ).

Direct work in physical and chemical analysis of water with laboratory equipments ( spectrophotometer, turbidimeter, pH-meter, thermometer, colorimeter, conductometer etc. )

The application of different legal procedures and regulations ( national and international ) related to the water quality and handling of hazardous substances ( loading, unloading, storage, dosage, etc. )

Work and implementing various security systems ( emergency water and fire water, spray system, gas detection system etc.).

Direct production of chemicals and other products ( sodium chloride, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorate, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, propylene oxide, propylene dichloride, total herbicides, pure silicon and silicon – iron ).

Training of personnel for process on the plant ( theoretical and practical ).

Training people for the rescue squad ( extreme situations - incidents in the chemical industry ).

Handling  flammable liquids and gases.


Industry experience

Education: Bachelor

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 20 years or above