WPL to Build Wastewater Treatment Plant for New ‘Garden City’

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WPL to Build Wastewater Treatment Plant for New ‘Garden City’

WPL to build wastewater treatment plant for new ‘garden city’.

The UK garden city is one of the most important developments in the south of England, with plans to build 15,000 new homes for a planned population of 40,000. One company has taken on the challenge of building a wastewater treatment plant that will reflect the town’s environmental standards.

Multi-utility provider Metropolitan was awarded the contract to deliver services for the 1,500-home Castle Hill development by Landsec. The agreement includes installation of a new onsite wastewater treatment works for 4,000 population equivalent (PE).

Metropolitan appointed Alpheus, a specialist in water and wastewater asset management and design, to provide the plant. WPL is working in partnership with Alpheus to deliver a flexible system to serve the homes, businesses and amenities currently under construction.  The new wastewater treatment works is being built in two stages and WPL is supplying a total of 16 above ground WPL Hybrid-SAF submerged aerated filter package treatment units along with primary lamella clarifier units, final settlement tanks, blowers and the air lines.

Prestigious development

WPL technical director Andrew Baird said: “This will be one of the largest installations WPL has built from start to finish and our biggest contract to date for the Hybrid-SAF. It is a very prestigious project, particularly as it involves the creation of Ebbsfleet new town.

“WPL has been discussing plans with Alpheus for three years to ensure the new plant will meet the requirements of the first inhabitants of Castle Hill. Given the long-term vision for the development, it is important that the plant optimises the footprint available and is flexible to accommodate a growing population.”

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