OR-TEC Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen

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OR-TEC Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen

The Blue ​Whale Micro Bar ​Screen is a ​superfine ​mechanical bar ​screen with ​openings as ​small as 1mm (0.​03"). The ​  Micro Bar  Screen ​removes the ​vast majority ​of hairs, rags ​and stringy ​material which ​pass through ​screens with ​larger openings.​

These smaller ​openings help ​to prevent ​matting or ​ragging forming ​on items such ​as pumps, ​mechanical ​seals, ​diffusers and ​rotating ​equipment. ​Maintenance on ​these items is ​reduced to ​practically ​zero as ragging ​and matting no ​longer builds ​up.

The Micro Bar ​Screen is ​designed for ​use in ​municipal and ​industrial ​applications. ​Due to its ​unique design ​the unit is ​excellent for ​screening waste ​water with high ​fats, oils and ​grease levels (​FOG). ​

Unlike normal ​bar screens ​which use flat ​bar making the ​openings ​between the ​bars prone to ​clogging the ​Micro Bar ​Screen uses a ​parallel array ​of tapered ​sectioned bars (​not tapered ​wire) to form ​the screen face.​ Tapered ​sectioned ​screen bars ​have only 2 ​contact points ​on which ​material can ​block, as the ​path from the ​screen face to ​the back of the ​screen is ​gradually ​enlarged. ​

Solids which ​passed through ​the two contact ​points cannot ​become clogged ​between the ​tapered shaped ​bars. The ​cleaning rake ​with slotted ​teeth ​penetrates well ​past the ​opening on the ​tapered bars ​cleaning the ​screen array ​and thereby ​completely ​preventing ​clogging or ​blinding of the ​screen. ​

With 1 US and ​6 worldwide ​patents, 1000 ​installed ​screens and no ​maintenance for ​10 years the ​unique, non-​clogging Micro ​Bar Screen is ​something you ​should consider ​for your plant. ​

Source: OR-TEC 

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