How to Reduce the Cost of Wastewater Treatment by 50% or More

How to Reduce the Cost of Wastewater Treatment by 50% or More

If you wish to significantly reduce the cost of wastewater treatment and enhance sanitation, sewage and/or sludge treatment, have a look at these technologies.

Technologies identified by Isle Utilities at the GWI's Global Water Summit in London April 10, 2019. 


Sanergy (Kenya)
Sanergy is an ​award-winning ​social venture ​that builds ​healthy, ​prosperous ​communities by ​making hygienic ​sanitation ​accessible and ​affordable in ​Africa’s ​urban informal ​settlements. ​

Loowat (United Kingdom)
Creates physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing through waterless sanitation wherever there is a need for non-sewered toilets.

Baseform  (Portugal)
Baseform solves water and wastewater utilities largest problems; infrastructure asset management planning, water/energy loss, and inflow/infiltration.

FOG by  Pump Free Energy (Austalia)

PumpFree Energy is waste water to energy management company with a focus on designing and licensing innovative technologies.

EcoCeptor by Eco Clarity  (United Kingdom)
The supply of Eco Ceptor plants includes consultancy, design, manufacture, supply, delivery, on-site testing, installation, commissioning, provision of associated documentation and necessary certification and warranties as well as basic maintenance training.

Argent Energy  (United Kingdom)
They specialize in producing our clean, green fuel from waste by-products of other industries - tallow, used cooking oil, fats oils and grease, sewer grease and high FFA products - which have few alternative uses.

Advanced BlokAid by IOTA (Australia)
BlokAid overflow monitoring device effectively tracks water levels passing through the sewer or stormwater system to avoid flood damage or environmental spills.

ARX by V-Labs (Switzerland)
Augmented reality for excavation works: The first real usable AR solution for excavation.

Tubogel by  Geochemie Sanierungssysteme (Germany)
For more than 20 years, this original product has rehabilitated several thousand meters of pipes – millions of liters of wastewater did not seep into the groundwater. 


Sewage Treatment:

Oxymem (Ireland)
 ​OxyMem uses gas ​permeable ​membranes, ​which allow ​oxygen to be ​transferred ​directly to the ​micro-organisms ​resulting in up ​to 99% oxygen ​transfer ​efficiency, as ​no oxygen is ​lost to ​the atmosphere. ​

Enviplan (German)
With the development of the revolutionary and internationally patented AQUATECTOR® Microfloat® microflotation, Enviplan offers an unrivaled fine-bubble physical separation process. Dense, homogeneous micro-bubbles generate extremely high interphases and enable in most cases separation of almost 100 % of settleable and filterable matter.

NVP Energy (United Kingdom)
Provides ​a professional, ​end-to-end ​service ​covering all ​aspects of the ​project, from ​calculating the ​feasibility of ​the installation,​ to ensuring a ​detailed ​handover and ​training as ​well as ​providing an ​aftercare ​service ​tailored to ​meet your needs.

Nereda (Netherlands)
Nereda is the wastewater treatment technology that purifies water using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass.

Filtralite (Norway)
Filtralite®​ filter media ​offers ​innovative ​solutions to ​water ​facilities ​worldwide for ​physical ​filtration and ​biological ​treatment. ​

ADS Environmental Services (Australia)
Their  ​wastewater ​services ​include sewer ​flow monitoring,​ inflow & ​infiltration ​reduction, online monitoring ​systems, smoke ​testing, ​manhole ​inspections and ​more recently ​leakage ​detection and ​flow/pressure ​monitoring to ​meet the ​growing market ​demand for ​accurate water ​network ​information. 

Pharem (Sweden)
​Pharem’s ​research has ​culminated in ​the implementation ​of practical, ​sustainable ​solutions for ​industrial ​wastewater ​treatment, ​municipal water ​treatment ​facilities as ​well as ​products for ​everyday ​household use. ​

Sludge treatment:

Orège (France)
Orège ​offers ​innovative and ​high performing ​solutions for ​the treatment ​of complex ​effluent and ​sludge.

SulfurCycle™ by New Sky Energy ( United States)
Energy efficient gas sweetening technologies that scrub H2S and CO2 from sour natural gas, bio-methane and other gas streams.

Genifuel  ( United States)
Genifuel produces equipment to convert wet organic wastes into renewable fuels and other valuable byproducts. This process has been tested with over 100 materials, including wastewater solids,  food processing wastes, brewery wastes, animal wastes, algae, and many others. 

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technology (Canada)
Ostara ​s ​a leading ​provider of ​nutrient ​recovery ​solutions for ​municipal and ​industrial ​wastewater ​treatment ​plants. 

Easy Mining (Sweden)
A waste-based chemical company with three patented and efficient technologies for the recovery of clean commercial products from wastes.

Cellvation (Netherlands)
A smart and sustainable solution to reclaim and upcycle cellulose from sludge. 


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