Desalination Plant in Singapore (Video Tour)

Desalination Plant in Singapore  (Video Tour)

Desalinated water or turning seawater to drinking water is a weather-resilient source that Singapore has tapped on.

Seawater flows into the plant through an open seawater intake structure via huge underwater pipeline, before undergoing two stages of mechanical filtration to remove coarse and fine particles in the Screening stage.

This is followed by the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) stage, where air bubbles are generated; impurities attach to the air bubbles and are floated up to the surface where they can be removed. 

This is followed by the ultrafiltration stage, sandwiched between two rounds of disc filters, all of which purpose is to remove impurities, microorganism and bacteria of decreasing sizes.

The last stage is reverse osmosis, before post-treatment of water.

This plant will add another 30 million gallons, or 136,000 cubic metres of water per day to Singapore's water supply, equivalent to 54 Olympic-sized swimming pools amount of water.

Source: HSL Constructor on YouTube